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7 day Stress-Relief challenge


Welcome to the 7-Day Stress Relief Challenge! From hormonal fluctuations to the demands of everyday life, it's no surprise that stress can become a constant companion during this phase of life. But fret not, for this challenge is designed especially for you, the resilient woman going through perimenopause. With this challenge, you will master a breathing technique that can help when you are combated with a sudden stressful situation or can reduce overall stress when practised daily. Over the next seven days, we will embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-care, and stress relief. We aim to equip you with an effective breathing tool to help you manage and reduce the stress often accompanying this life transition. Requirements 10 mins/ day - divided into two 5 mins sessions. An open mindset

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Stress and Anxiety Relief and Management

Stress and Anxiety Relief and Management

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