Children's development during the pandemic- 1 year on.

Updated: Mar 4

In Conversation with Yvonne Becher, Ph.D.

Chief Executive and Director of Programme Development & Learning at Child Development Centre, Hongkong.

Registered Psychologist (Hong Kong-AFHKPS; Australia-AHPRA) Member of College of Educational & Developmental Psychologists Ph.D. (HKU); MClinPsych (Macquarie U, Austr.)

Interviewed by - Sanjana Rao,Ph.D.

Date: 26/02/2021

We spoke to Dr. Becher in July last year about Parenting during the pandemic.

In this conversation, she gives us insight into the the consequences of the pandemic on a child's development, how parents should stop feeling guilty and the potential long term effects on children.

Here are some useful links and resources shared by her,

General parenting - with/without COVID-19:

Ideas for activities at home:

Virtual Museum tours for slightly older children:

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