COVID-19 Myths

Updated: Jan 27

By Ayshwarya Ravichandran, Ph.D.

Let's get straight to it

Myth1. Intake of Vitamin C and/or traditional herbs prevents corona infection

  • Fact - While above supplements can improve one's immunity, they have not been proven to offer protection against the viral infection.

Myth 2. Drinking warm water regularly/bathing in hot water kills coronavirus

  • Fact - Irrespective of the temperature of the water you drink/bathe in, the body temperature is maintained at 37°C, at which temperature the coronavirus is known to thrive. Hence, this is not true.

Myth 3. Being able to hold your breath for 15 seconds or more without coughing or feeling discomfort indicates one is corona-free.

  • Fact - This need not be true since the disease has been found to present different symptoms in different cases, while some patients are completely asymptomatic.

Myth 4. Exposing oneself to the sun or high temperatures can prevent coronavirus infection.

  • Fact - Dehydration caused by exposure to elevated temperatures is hazardous rather than beneficial to overall health and immunity.

Myth 5. Consumption or spraying of alcohol and other disinfectants on the body prevent coronavirus infection.

  • Fact - These are surface disinfectants that can be poisonous when ingested, damage the internal organs and cause skin and eye irritation. They should not be used on humans.

Myth 6. Extreme weather conditions, especially hot weather can kill the coronavirus.

  • Fact - Although there are variations in the infection and death rates in countries with different weather conditions, it is well-known that the virus has thrived as well in the equatorial south-east Asian countries as the cold Scandinavian countries.

Myth 7. Antibiotics and certain drugs can prevent or treat the new coronavirus.

  • Fact - Till date, no particular drug or drug combinations, including hydroxycholoroquinone, have been found to effectively prevent or cure COVID-19. However, some drugs, such as Ivermectin, are being tried in certain countries, while their efficacy is yet to be ascertained on a wider population.

Myth 8. Newborns and young children are not affected by coronavirus.

  • Fact - Though older adults and people with pre-existing conditions are more prone to the infection, now we have evidence that newborns (mostly from infected mother) and young children can be affected too. In particular, a Kawasaki-like syndrome is seen recently in young kids throughout the world.

Myth 9. A corona-infected mother should not breastfeed her newborn.

  • Fact - As of now, active coronavirus has not been detected in breastmilk. However, it is best to keep away from the newborn if the mother is corona-positive or shows symptoms. In such cases, expressing milk using a breast pump or breastfeeding sessions with necessary precautions are recommended as breast milk strengthens the baby's immune system.

Myth10. Keeping your house moisture-free and ventilated can prevent coronavirus from entering.

  • Fact - While keeping the house clean and ventilated is good for our general health, it does not assure keeping the virus at bay.

If there are others you know about, please do write it as a comment below.

Note: Please consult a medical professional or a trained nutritionist regarding specifics of your health and symptoms or before changing your diet or trying something new.

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