Discussing Postpartum Health

Updated: Jan 27

In conversation with Dr. Amina Khalid, MBBS, M.D

Interviewed by Sanjana Rao, Ph.D.

Interview date - 17/01/2021

Dr. Amina Khalid is an OB/Gyn with over 6 years of experience. She deals with all aspects of women health- be it be pre-conception care, pregnancy, postpartum, infertility issues, menstrual problems or any other women issues . She is absolutely passionate about bringing out awareness about women's health issues and that is why she started her Instagram page @GynaikaHealth to bring you all the important information at the tip of your fingers and to be more accessible.

In this conversation, she answered some questions about the so-called 4th trimester - when women most often are so overwhelmed with a new baby that they neglect their own health.

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