How can parents help their children through Covid19 and beyond?

Updated: Apr 3

In Conversation with Dr. Yvonne Becher,

Child Psychologist and Chief Executive and Director of Programme Development & Learning at Child Development Centre, Hongkong.

Registered Psychologist (Hong Kong-AFHKPS; Australia-AHPRA) Member of College of Educational & Developmental Psychologists Ph.D. (HKU); MClinPsych (Macquarie U, Austr.)

Interviewed by - Sanjana Rao,Ph.D.

on 11th July, 2020

In this conversation, she answers many concerns parents have about how to deal with the sudden change brought about by COVID-19 in the family's routine, children's daily activities and what next with schools running online or reopening. She beautifully explains how to see this as a change and not a problem and work on the positives of the situation.

Below are resources put together by Dr. Becher

Kids at home – COVID-19 and-beyond resources

Talking about Coronavirus to children:

Children’s book in different languages:


Comprehensive guide regarding parenting during Coronavirus times:

Parenting tips in 90 languages:

Healthy parenting during COVID-19:

General parenting website for all ages:


115 examples of screen-free activities:

Age-based media reviews (movies, books, TV, games:

Digital library for ages <12; 1 month free trial:

Audio books/ online stories


Meditation app with section for adults and kids:

Yoga app:


Ready-made daily schedule with activity and learning ideas by grade level:

Daily Schedule Template Components: ( : Components recommended to create a balanced daily schedule for any age group


Education Resources by school subject, incl. Khan Academy, Duolingo, etc.

General Educational website for school subjects

English Language Learning:

Learn to code; Age 5+

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