Inspiring Journeys-Episode 2 with Aishwarya Sridharan

Updated: Jan 27

Postpartum health- Managing life with Diastasis recti

In our second episode of Inspiring journeys, Aishwarya Sridharan, a scientist, mother of two based in #Singapore talks about her journey with #diastasisrecti and is interviewed by Ayshwarya Ravichandran from the Miyara team,

This is the condition seen in #postpartumwomen that gives them the "ever-pregnant" look and is caused by the separation of abdominal muscles as they lose elasticity and do not get back to their pre-pregnancy state.

Since information available regarding this condition is scanty, she strongly feels the need for knowledge sharing from her personal experience.

Listen to find out what led her to dive deep into the topic and make a conscious lifestyle change.

Thank you Aishwarya for the detailed explanations and for sharing your story with us. We hope to help fellow moms become more aware of their bodies, show some self-love and take necessary action. After all, we are the chief medical officers of our families and need to live up to the role :)

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed belong solely to the content provider. Miyara Health does not undertake any financial/reputational/legal/health related/misrepresentational impact or other obligations/ liabilities that may arise from the content.

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