Inspiring Journeys Episode 4 with Shwetha Shrivatsa

Vasculitis and owning your health

Interviewed by Gayatri Muthukrishnan

Interview date: 20/02/2021

In this Episode, Shwetha Shrivatsa, corporate woman turned entrepreneur, talks about her journey with a series of health issues which started with tonsillitis and ended up with leukocytoclastic vasculitis.

She talks to us about the necessity to be responsible and aware of one's health and medical treatments. She believes some of her troubles could have been avoided with a little better management and strongly wants to spread the message.

About Shwetha Shrivatsa - she is the co-founder of Symphony Foods based in Chicago. Symphony Foods was founded on the idea that snacks can be tasty without compromising on the nutrition aspect. From seed to snack, the products promote a healthier world full of healthier people. Whole grains like sorghum are used to create a food that you can enjoy without the guilt. Bonus, we are free of the top allergens!

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