Inspiring Journeys Episode 5 with Alexandra Chaffanjon

Sleep as self-care

Interviewed by Sanjana Rao, Ph.D.

Interview date: 01/03/2021

In this episode of Inspriring Journeys, we spoke to Mom and Holistic health coach, Alexandra Chaffanjon about what she has been through and how she has overcome her own struggles and improved her relationship with sleep.

Thank you Alexandra for this candid conversation that so many of us can relate to.

About Alexandra

Alexandra is a Holistic Health Coach for Moms. She helps moms cope with exhaustion and access new energy levels. Her clients are able to create more ease, connection, intention, presence and memories with their kids, themselves, their work and their partners. Her mission is to normalize restorative rest, sleep and self-care for mamas to have the energy that they crave and that they deserve.

Here is the Banana bread tea recipe she talked about:

2020 - Banana Bread Tea
Download PDF • 1.96MB

Best place to follow her : To book a consult call with her : Sleep Secrets for Mamas :

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