Talking about Adolescent and women's health issues with an Ob/Gyn

Updated: Jan 27

Dr. Ruchi Bhandari is a experienced Obstetrician/ Gynecologist and renowned Infertility / IVF Specialist in Jaipur, India.

  • She is The Director of Mishka IVF Center, Jaipur

  • She has completed MS (OB/GY) from BVDUMC, Pune, and is a University Gold Medallist.

  • After completing MS, she started working as a Gynecologist and Obstetrician in Bhandari Hospital and Research Center, Jaipur.

In Part 1, we first talked to Dr. Bhandari about Adolescent sexual health when is the right time to take a young girl to see a Gynaecologist, what information she needs before becoming sexually active the importance to educate our young women with the right information regarding sexual health and safe sex practices and what parents should know.

She also talks about the many reasons for irregular periods (

In Part 2, she talks about pre pregnancy health, infertility and answers some questions from our followers

If you have any questions for Dr. Bhandari, you can contact her directly on

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