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  • How does the online programs work?
    The online programs are self-guided programs that you can do at your convenience. The online programs have been designed and created by experts. If it is a multistep program, you will get daily prompts and notifications by email. You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app
  • How should I pay and access the online programs?
    1. Go to program page ( and select the program you want to join. 2. Click join and you will be automatically asked to sign - if you are not a site member yet, you will have to create a login at this step. You can use the same login and password to access the mobile app (so remember the password if you are creating one). 3. You will be redirected to the payment gateway. Though the value written is in INR (Indian Rupees), please use Razorpay (conneceted to PayPal) to pay in any currency of your choice. The manual payment option is only for 3-month Gold Subscription. You can save a lot by choosing this option and accessing the multiple programs available on the site.
  • Can I get a discount for more than 1 program?
    If you want to do multiple programs, you can buy a 3-month gold subscription to the platform for INR 3600 or $45 by choosing the MANUAL payment during check out and clicking on the appropriate currency link. (The actual amount might differ when promotions are being run).
  • What is the validity of the programs?
    Each program is valid for 2 months after purchase. If you buy a subscription, you have access to all programs and your subscription can be renewed every 3 months.
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