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Cancellation and Refund terms

Last Modified: 08.03.2022     


Read the Terms and Conditions for full details

Services offered on the Website or App.

Appointments / Rescheduling / Cancellations

After registration on the Website / App, you may choose to book appointments for any products or services offered on the Website / App. MIYARA hereby notifies you that the products and services offered on the Website / App are offered by third party vendors and not by MIYARA. Any appointments, cancellations and rescheduling and any purchases or refunds shall be subject to such third parties’ terms and conditions and MIYARA shall not remain liable for any acts or omissions of such third parties. You understand that these services or products are offered and sold by third party service providers or sellers and that the Company has no control, directly or indirectly, over such third-party entities. In the event you book any appointment for any products or receipt of any services, including any medical advise, you understand that such products are sold by or services are rendered by third parties and neither MIYARA nor any person associated with MIYARA makes any warranty or representation with respect to the completeness, accuracy, security, reliability, quality or availability of such product or service or medical advise. Without limiting the foregoing, MIYARA shall not remain liable for any loss or damage, including any death or physical disability, that you may suffer by reason of using products sold by or obtaining services from any third parties, whether through the Website or App or in any other manner, including physical meetings or electronic or telephonic means. MIYARA is only a platform for e-commerce but is not a seller of products or services and does not guarantee or sponsor such products or services.

Payments Made on the Website or App

You may be required to make payments to purchase certain products or services that are offered for sale on or using or through the Website or App. The terms and conditions relating to such payments are governed by these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. You may also be required to abide by such additional terms and conditions that MIYARA or the third-party seller/vendor may inform you at the time of purchase.

When purchasing a product or service on the Website or App, you may be redirected to a payment gateway website for the purpose of completing online payment for such product or service. In case of any failure during the payment process, please contact us using the details mentioned at the end of these Terms of Use and we shall endeavor to clarify or provide a solution, either by cancelling the order and refunding the money received by us or processing the transaction. Please note that the payment gateway service provider will have access to your personal and financial information you provide during your purchase and payment, and may use such personal and financial information for providing you the financial services required for the transaction. For all uses that the payment gateway service provider may make, please refer to the payment gateway service provider’s own terms and conditions. MIYARA shall not be liable or responsible for any acts or omissions by any third-party service provider.

Entire Agreement  

The Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy, and any other terms and conditions that you may be required to agree to before or during the use of the Website or App constitute the sole and entire agreement between you and MIYARA with respect to the Website or App and the products or services purchased from the Website or App and supersede all other understandings, agreements, representations and warranties, both written and oral, with respect to the Website and App or any of the purchases.

Your Comments and Concerns  

This Website and/or App is operated by Miyara Health Private Limited. All notices or other communication relating to the Website or App or purchases should be directed to: to: New no. 17, Old no. 8, Appakannu Street, Chennai,  TAMIL NADU INDIA-600014
or call at +916366291668



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