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7-day movement-based challenge

  • 7Days
  • 14Steps
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Welcome to the 7-Day Movement Challenge! If you're a woman in midlife who has been leading a sedentary lifestyle, it's never too late to prioritize your health and well-being. This challenge is designed to help you kickstart your journey toward a more active and vibrant life. Midlife is a crucial time to focus on physical activity, as it can bring numerous benefits, such as improved energy levels, reduced stress, enhanced mood, and better overall health. It's an opportunity to embrace a healthier lifestyle and invest in your future. Our challenge is specially tailored for women in midlife, considering the unique needs and concerns that come with this life stage. We understand that the demands of daily life can make it challenging to prioritize exercise, but this challenge is here to make it fun, manageable, and most importantly, sustainable. Objectives: The primary objective of this 7-day challenge is to encourage you to incorporate more movement into your daily routine. Whether you're new to exercise or looking to rekindle your active lifestyle, our daily challenges will gradually increase your activity level while being mindful of your current fitness level. What do you need? No equipment is needed for this challenge. Just a bit of motivation. Keep a journal handy and note down your step count throughout the week.

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