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Emotional eating workshop

  • 1Day


🍫 Do you reach for comfort food when you're stressed, feeling low, or upset? You're not alone! 🍩 **What is Emotional Eating?** Emotional eating is when we eat in response to difficult emotions. It feels good temporarily because high-fat or high-sugar foods reward parts of our brain. However, it doesn't solve the underlying issues and can lead to further distress, guilt, and often shame. **Perimenopause and Emotional Eating:** During perimenopause, hormonal changes can intensify stress and mood swings, making emotional eating more tempting. This stage of life can add extra layers of challenge, but also offers a unique opportunity to adopt healthier habits. **Ready to Nip Emotional Eating in the Bud?** 🌟 Learn sustainable hacks and strategies to combat emotional eating by watching the recording of our insightful workshop. Gain tools to manage stress and emotions without turning to food, and embrace a healthier, more balanced approach to your well-being. Let’s tackle this together and find lasting solutions! 💪🍎🌼

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