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Spring back from stress workshop

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Midlife is often a very stressful period for women wherein we have to manage not only changes in our body but also other social and relational challenges. Spring Back from Stress in Midlife is a 90-minute science-backed workshop where we explore powerful strategies grounded in mindfulness, relaxation, and self-awareness to build resilience and spring back from stress. We will engage in a variety of experiential exercises designed to reconnect with our inner calm, even amidst life's storms. Through mindful breathing, guided relaxation, interactive activities, and self-reflection, we will discover the strength within us —the ability to respond to stressors with grace and resilience. What do you need? A quiet place to do the workshop Pen and paper An open mind The program is designed by Dr. Gargi Sandilya along with Miyara Health.

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Stress and Anxiety Relief and Management

Stress and Anxiety Relief and Management

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