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Blood test

Miyara Health Package

A regular checkup for early diagnosis and peace of mind- in ipartnership with TATA 1 mg

  • 1 h
  • 1,499 Indian rupees
  • Location 1

Service Description

Introducing Miyara Health Package Complete Blood Count C- Reactive Protein Quantitative Kidney Function Test Liver Function Test Lipid Profile Diabetes Screening Thyroid profile Total Vitamin D (25 OH) + Vitamin B12 Iron Studies, Basic Calcium Phosphorus, Serum Urine Routine & Microscopy Cities available Agra Ahmedabad ALLAHABAD New Delhi Asansol Bhopal Pune Bhubaneswar Bangalore Chennai Chandigarh Hyderabad Mumbai Coimbatore Ghaziabad Cuttack Dehradun Faridabad Kolkata Ghaziabad Goa Guntur Gurgaon Guwahati Gwalior Hosur Howrah Indore Jaipur Jalandhar Jodhpur Kanpur Kochi Hyderabad Lucknow Ludhiana MEERUT Mysore Nagpur Nashik Patna Raipur Rajkot Ranchi Pune Surat Udaipur Vadodara Varanasi Vijayawada Visakhapatnam Warangal PAC Instructions: Fasting Requirement: Prepare for a fasting period of 8-12 hours prior to the test. This fasting window ensures accurate results, providing a clear snapshot of your health status. Supplement Adjustment: To prevent any interference with test results, it's recommended to discontinue multivitamins or dietary supplements containing biotin (vitamin B7) for at least 2 days before the test. However, thyroid medications can typically be continued on the day of the test unless otherwise advised by your doctor. Urine Sample Collection: For optimal accuracy, the preferred urine sample is the first-morning midstream urine. Collect this sample in the provided sterile screw-capped container, ensuring cleanliness around the urethral area and preventing any skin contact with the container. It's important to note that women should avoid providing samples during menstruation unless specifically prescribed otherwise.

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