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Female condoms

Domina Female Condom with Soft Inner Sponge, No Artificial Colour, Made with Natural Rubber Latex, Lavender Fragrance, With Biodegradable Disposable Bags, Pack of 2

Moods Velvet Female Condom - 3 Condoms (Pack of 3)

Elvie Pelvic floor trainer

Smart Kegel trainer to strengthen your pelvic floor.

Fun, expert-designed workouts and fast results.

Your most personal trainer


6 weeks to fewer leaks

Why You’ll Love It!  You’ll worry less feeling the contractions done for you, knowing you are reducing your leaks while saving time. All for less than you spend on pads each year.

Pelvic floor trainers
Pelvic floor trainers

Free shipping in EU, CH

Free shipping in US

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