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Dr Cuterus: Everything Nobody Tells You

Dr Cuterus: Everything Nobody Tells You

by Dr Tanaya Narendra (Author)


No matter what kind of bits you have, the 'private' bits between our legs often leave us with ... many feelings and many questions.
Is it big enough? Is it too big? Why is it so dark? And hairy? How are babies made? Why do periods hurt? As John Mayer so beautifully sang, your body is a wonderland, but in the land of the Kama Sutra, we often forget this. Words like vagina, clitoris, penis, scrotum tend to confound and embarrass people.
Maybe even you, dear reader?
Even though everyone has a body, nobody wants to talk about it. Especially those 'private' bits. With so much shame and stigma, we have nowhere to go to learn and understand our bodies. Instead of a beautiful, technicolour musical, our relationship with our bodies remains a drab black and white production.
This is where this book comes in-a one-stop scientific, funny, and easy to understand guide to everything
you've always wondered about what's 'down there'.
Or even up there! Whatever your concern, Dr Cuterus has got you covered.

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