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Gut microbiome test

Gut microbiome test

Comprehensive Gut Microbiome Test | Measure Gut health| Advanced, Science-Based Personalized Nutritional Recommendations | Stool Test

₹ 9999

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BugSpeaks® analyses your complete gut microbiome composition, characterizes its diversity and abundance, associates them with various disease susceptibilities, with the ultimate goal of generating a comprehensive set of dietary, prebiotic and probiotics recommendations.

  • Easy process: the mailed kit will include necessary instructions on how to collect and ship the sample with plan and receive results online. The processing times may vary up to 4 weeks

  • Bugspeaks: gut microbiome profiling package for anyone

  • Disease risk index: provides a snapshot of the various disease vulnerabilities based on the gut microbial profile

  • Gut microbiome index or intestinal health marker: a unique score, based on a patent-pending technology that provides a snapshot of the intestinal microbial health. This will enable to understand how good intestinal health is

  • The 3 phase nutritional, prebiotic and probiotic recommendations: this will help to balance the gut microflora based on the personalized nutritional recommendations.

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