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NeoDocs Wellness Urine Test Kits

NeoDocs Wellness Urine Test Kits

Wellness Urine Test Kits | Instant At-Home | Track 10+ Parameters | Sugar (Glucose), Leukocytes (WBC), Nitrites, Protein, more (Pack of 3)


About this item

  • The NeoDocs test kit includes instructions on the package, a urine container and the testcard inside the pouch.

  • Urine Tests Made Smart - With Neodocs’ smart strips, simply take your urine sample and scan the test card using the Neodocs app on your phone to know exactly which parameter is affecting your UTI health.

  • Results in 30 Seconds- The Neodocs app detects the testcard and generates accurate results on your smartphone in just 30 Seconds. This test detects leukocytes, nitrites, pH and blood

  • Track your Progress during UTI Treatment - If you're undergoing treatment for UTI, you can re-check if you're infection-free or not easily through this UTI Test Kit

  • Easy & Effective - These UTI Strips enable you to determine the cause of irritation and help you conduct a urine test at home to check for the presence of UTI

  • Share your Report - Log your UTI symptoms in the App. Once you get your PDf report , you can easily share it with your doctor for the next steps.

  • NOTE- This is a One-Time-Use Testcard

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