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PEE BUDDY Reusable Portable Stand and Pee Urination Device for Women - Pack of 1 | Portable, Leak-proof and Zero Spillage | Ideal for Public Toilets, Travel, Camping, Hiking and Outdoor Activities


About this item

  • NO MORE INFECTIONS - The innovative PEEBUDDY means you can use public washrooms- minus the fuss. With the power to stand and pee using this disposable device, you can reduce the risk of contracting nasty infections from dirty toilets. Just head out on that trip, girl - we assure you, the toilet breaks won't be horrible anymore.

  • PORTABLE: The PEE BUDDY is extremely portable and an absolute essential for women on the go. Packed within its provided ziplock, it easily fits in your purse, pocket or even the glove compartment in its compact packaging.

  • STAND & PEE ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: No scrunching up your nose and gagging as you wipe off a toilet seat in a public washroom. No hovering over them in semi-squats. No holding it in. Just stand & pee!

  • REUSABLE: This PEEBUDDY stand and pee device for women is reusable with an ergonomic funnel shape, made from soft and flexible Thermoplastic Rubber. Just wash and wipe it clean to be reused as many times as you want!

  • MESS-FREE: The user has to simply position the wider end of the device onto their crotch and keep it angulated towards the toilet. The unique shape of the female urination devices ensure no spillage, splashback or leaks.

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