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Mental Health

Why is Mental Health a midlife issue? 

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A girl feeling sad

Social stresses

Empty nest syndrome, midlife crisis or dealing with aging parents

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Work stresses

Climbing the corporate ladder, burnout, microaggressions at work

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Hormonal changes

leading to brain fog, memory issues, irritability and anxiety


Mental health support while managing a chronic condition

It might be important for your health and wellbeing

Miyara provides you support through trusted clinical psychologists

who understand you in a privacy-preserving manner.

Steps to receive support


Fill out the health assessment form

or contact us via WhatsApp 



Based on your information, we will 

recommend a mental health expert to you


Book a session with the therapist and complete the payment with us/ or directly with our partners.


The team expert made sure to optimized it to our needs

"I’m really glad I decided to get on this programme..The expert team made sure to customize it to our needs .The team being women could understand our needs and I could relate to them so the programme was smooth flowing."

Shruthi K

Feeling relaxed mentally

I am thankful to have you all. Feel little relaxed mentally. Its sometimes too much confusion and worry about how to handle health.

Nehal S

Thank you for the great initiative 

Today I am taking a few minutes to share my gratitude. I pray to God and thank you for getting connected with you. Thank you for the great initiative and in addition supporting my daughter.

Vidya J

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