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Menstrual Cup Reviews

You may have read our previous article on Making the Switch to sustainable period products here.

In this article, we try and compare some of the popular Menstrual Cup brands to help you choose what may be the best option for you. And remember, if it's your first time trying a menstrual cup, you may need to try a few different brands and read reviews to inform yourself before finding the one!





Asan Cup



Very Good

Not tested

Very Good


Classic cup shape with stem

Classic cup shape with stem

Classic cup shape with stem

Classic cup shape with ring

Stem Type

Cylindrical (tip not rounded)

Cylidrical with rounded edges and rounded tip

Cylindrical with rounded edges and rounded tip

Ringed tip


Medical grade silicon

Medical grade silicon

Medical grade silicon

Medical grade silicon


29.3 or 28.8 ml

20 ml or 30 ml

19, 27 or 33 ml

25ml or 30 ml


2 sizes - A (46 mm diameter) and B (43mm diameter)

2 sizes - S (41 mm diameter and L (46 mm diameter)

3 sizes - Mini (37mm diameter) A (41mm diameter) and B (44mm diameter)

2 sizes - Light/medium flow (40mm diameter) and Heavy flow (45 mm diameter)


39.80 CHF

16 EUR

24 EUR

1800 INR

Made in





More information about Mooncup can be found here or Organicup here

User Review - The Si-Bell and Mooncup Compared

The Si Bell is made of softer silicone material compared to the Mooncup, and in terms of comfort, I must say that I prefer the SI Bell It was a lot less intrusive compared to the mooncup. I found that the stem of the mooncup was too sharp and uncomfortable. I first thought that it was because the stem was too long, so I cut it. But this did not change the fact that it felt poky and was sometimes even painful. The rounded edges of the Si Bell completely eliminated this problem.

However, the softer silicone material of the Si Bell also sometimes makes insertion and placing it properly a bit difficult, because it does not ‘open’ as it should, once inserted. This led to a few leaks, which I countered by also wearing a pad the first few days. With the mooncup, I never had leaks, even though I found it more uncomfortable. In terms of insertion and removal, the softer silicon of the Si Bell makes it easier to insert as it stays in place while folded, making it easier to insert up the vaginal canal. The mooncup kept popping open in my hand, even before inserting it. However, once inside, the mooncup opened more easily than the SI Bell. Removal was equally challenging for both brands the first few times, and you need to get the hang of using your pelvic muscles to help the cup descend low enough that you can reach the stem or base of the cup. Having tried both menstrual cups, my personal vote goes for the SIBell, primarily because of its rounded stem and softer silicon, despite being prone to more leaks.

User review: Organicup

Menstrual cups are perhaps the best thing that happened to women and this Organicup is definitely great. I bought mine in Germany and they have been great. I have the Size M and S, the M that I use for Day 1 and 2 (heavy flow days) and S that I use for Day 3 and 4. I think I have chosen the right size, because I have never ever experienced leaks. The Stem is just nice and long enough to hold and pull. The C fold works perfectly well for me and I have never had any problems with the cup opening up.

Using a cup leaves a good feeling-no contributing to the existing landfill, reducing plastic and with a cup a great load is reduced on the sanitary waste management. Imagine all the ladies choosing the Cup and making their own lives easier and this planet’s too. And I can’t believe we spent so much money on those pads all these years and in return got ‘No Comfort’. This cup gives me all that – comfort, carefree 4 days, economical. Go for it and make this one of your life’s best choices.

User review: Asan cup

In India, you can check out the ASAN cup-

a social enterprise where for every cup bought one cup is donated to someone in need

Use the code "MIYARA" for 20% off

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article belong solely to the author. Miyara Women does not undertake any financial/reputational/legal/misrepresentational impact or other obligations/ liabilities that may arise from the content.

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