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Menstrual Cups in India - The Asan Cup

Reviews from a first-time user and an experienced user of menstrual cups.

Asan Cup review from a first-time user

I have been wanting to make the switch to sustainable menstrual products for a while now.

I bought the Mooncup about 6 years ago but I am ashamed to say that it stayed in my drawer for all those years. I have been using tampons for the last 10 years and although I didn't use one with an applicator, it was not the most eco-friendly option for me.

I finally mustered up the courage to try it thanks to my friends, I looked up the tutorials online and tried the Mooncup first followed by the Organicup, both of which have a stem that can be cut according to what is most comfortable for you and your body. Unfortunately, with both of these cups, I found the stem really uncomfortable and found it hard to insert. I also had the feeling that it kept slipping down so probably the suction was not good enough.

I tried the Asan cup because I am impressed by the social cause ( the 1 for 1 donation scheme) but was not expecting much as I had already tried 2 cups in the market. There are two sizes available, light/medium flow ( which holds 25ml) and the heavy flow cup (for those users who tend to run through several pads or tampons in a day). After sterilizing, I tried the heavy flow cup on the first day of my period with the C- fold ( Read about how to use menstrual cups here) which was fine the first few times and I ultimately opted for the punch-down fold which was more comfortable for me to insert. I have to say because of the design, I forgot I was still wearing the cup even when my flow was heavier. The first few times I found it tricky to remove but I soon got the hang of it. I recommend doing that over the toilet. The best thing of all, i didn't use any tampons during my entire period so no more waste.

I definitely recommend this menstrual cup for all those in India and I am finally a convert to eco-friendly menstrual cups.

Asan Cup review from an experienced user of menstrual cups.

After trying the Mooncup for the first time around 15 years ago, I was instantly converted. I've been using menstrual cups for easily a decade now and among the several that are available on the market, I've tried 3 - The Mooncup, the SiBell and the Asan cup.

The Asan cup so far seems to be the best suited to me. Its ring-shaped end makes wearing it very comfortable, unlike those with stems that may protrude and have edges that could poke. The Asan cup also seems to remove a problem that I used to face with the Si Bell, where it wouldn't pop open after insertion, which led to inevitable leaks the first few days. The Asan cup seems to be made of a thicker material that pops open very easily once inside. I had no leaks on the first day and overnight despite heavy flow so 5 stars for that!

However, it can be a bit painful to insert when there's not enough lubrication since it is made of material that is relatively thicker compared to other menstrual cups. My advice would be to insert it once your period has begun or to use lubrication the first time.

All in all, the Asan cup seems to have addressed issues I faced with other cups and I will be sticking with this one for a while.

In India, you can check out the ASAN cup- a social enterprise where for every cup bought one cup is donated to someone in need

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