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At-home breast cancer screening

At-home breast cancer screening

Get screened today in the comfort of your home with Niramai's breast cancer screening.

Book for more than 1 person and get screened for INR 1500 for every additional person

₹ 3000

Here is a short clip of a patient experience:


  • NO HARMFUL RADIATION- can be repeated frequently

  • MAKES EARLY DETECTION POSSIBLE (lumps as small as 4 mm vs. 2 cm for mammography)

  • WORKS WELL IN YOUNG WOMEN with dense glandular tissues, which can hinder detection by X-ray (mammography)

  • AI-BASED ANALYSIS MINIMISES HUMAN ERROR in the visual screening of thermal data

  • Their BREAST HEALTH SCORE aids decide the test frequency required for young and/or symptom-free women


  • IMPLEMENTED AT REPUTED INDIAN HOSPITALS (Apollo group, Rainbow hospitals, and HCG cancer hospital)

  • Regulatory approval by FDA in USA and CE mark in Europe

  • PORTABLE AND QUICK- SUITABLE FOR MASS SCREENING - Let us know if you would like a screening camp organized

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