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Have you been wondering how to do a breast self-exam. Download your free guide here

At-home breast cancer screening

Breast cancer awareness

1 in 28 women will
get breast cancer during their lifetime

Breast cancer can be treated if detected early.
Get screened today in the comfort of your home
with Niramai's breast cancer screening


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Niramai-Miyara breast cancer screening


  • NO HARMFUL RADIATION- can be repeated frequently

  • MAKES EARLY DETECTION POSSIBLE (lumps as small as 4 mm vs. 2 cm for mammography)

  • WORKS WELL IN YOUNG WOMEN with dense glandular tissues, which can hinder detection by X-ray (mammography)

  • AI-BASED ANALYSIS MINIMISES HUMAN ERROR in the visual screening of thermal data

  • Their BREAST HEALTH SCORE aids decide the test frequency required for young and/or symptom-free women


  • IMPLEMENTED AT REPUTED INDIAN HOSPITALS (Apollo group, Rainbow hospitals, and HCG cancer hospital)

  • Regulatory approval by FDA in USA and CE mark in Europe

  • PORTABLE AND QUICK- SUITABLE FOR MASS SCREENING - Let us know if you would like a screening camp organized


by Miyara customers

Kamala, 73

I was very happy at the prompt reply that I got and the Doctor's call which explained the procedure in clear simple terms. The aides were very punctual for the appointment. In 5 minutes with no fuss, they set up the equipment and explained the different angles to be taken for the thermal scanning. They also sought permission to keep the fan at a height. After the setup and connecting the laptop, they were able to finish the scanning within a few minutes. .This was an easy experience and would definitely recommend it to my friends. Thank you for the easy experience.

Aruna, 69

 I was very impressed by the breast cancer test that I underwent recently conducted by Niramai. Was so surprised that is a fully no contact, no touch test. Was briefed about the test the day previous to my appointment and it took all of 10 to 12 minutes. Would highly recommend it to all women.

Aishwarya, 37

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Miyara interviews Niramai

Miyara interviews Niramai CEO, Dr. Geetha Manjunath

You can read the interview text here.

Interview with the founder

How does Niramai breast screening work?

Pic and below text courtesy: Niramai

thermal image of breast

Niramai's Home Breast Screening technique Thermolytix uses Artificial Intelligence along with Thermography to examine the breast for tumours. Cancerous tissues are inherently warmer because of their cellular and blood activity.


Thermography, a heat sensing technology, uses this aspect of cancer to test patients. It is a USFDA-approved adjunct modality to testing breast cancer. However, the images by themselves are difficult to interpret. This is where Niramai comes in. They have developed AI-based software technology to aid doctors in interpreting the results obtained from thermography.


The technology has been tested in real-world settings and the detection rate is similar to mammography. Unlike mammography, this technique does not involve radiation, pain (due to the pressing of breasts), or the requirement of anyone to see or touch you. Additionally, unlike mammography, this technology can work for younger women from the age of 18. 

Disclaimer: Thermography is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA Code of Federal Regulations Sec. 884.2980) as an adjunctive test and does not replace mammography or any other
anatomical imaging test. It is not intended for use by individuals for self-diagnosis or for self-evaluation. This report requires clinical correlation and should be presented to a Radiologist to determine the
nature of the appropriate follow-up and course of action/evaluation

How does it work?

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