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Inspiring Journeys: Battling metastatic breast cancer in the 30s with a positive outlook

A cancer diagnosis is, most often, more than just a physical ailment. There are a lot of emotions involved, and a myriad of factors determine the treatment outcome. One can imagine the mental trauma a young breastfeeding mother diagnosed with breast cancer in her 30s must have undergone; to top it, she had to undergo mastectomy (the removal of the breast). Listen to her inspiring story about how a proactive approach, supportive family, her dear child (who was her motivation to recover), and most importantly, a positive outlook helped her navigate the breast cancer journey and bounce back.


Tithi Pandya is a multi-faceted person and a mother of a 10-year-old, who now runs more than one business on the other side of her fight with breast cancer. She talks to us about her journey from diagnosis to recovery, how it was all so sudden, her support system, how important one's mindset is, and what helped her take it in the stride. Now she is in remission with medications and under regular monitoring.

Her experience gives us hope that it is possible to heal and live a healthy life if diagnosed at the correct time and treated appropriately. More importantly, it is a reminder for us to be proactive when it comes to personal health as breast cancer in young women (under 40) accounts for 30% of all cancers in this age group according to a recent study.

Key moments in the video:

0:36 The how and when of her cancer diagnosis

2:13 What made her think that the lump was abnormal 3:15 Why she is thankful she did not wait longer to get checked

4:08 Why self breast examination is critical for diagnosis (Miyara's breast self-exam guide FREE DOWNLOAD)

5:25 How the test for cancer metastasis (spread) is done

6:10 The stress and overwhelming feelings during treatment

7:10 Her support system during treatment

8:30 Cancer metastasis diagnosis

9:45 How having a child kept up her spirits

10:45 The side effects of chemotherapy

13:00 Recovery and current health status

15:25 Life after cancer remission- lifestyle changes

17:25 Motivation to start a unique clothing line for women who have undergone mastectomy (Tithi Pandya Designs is on FB and Instagram)

19:00 "Breast cancer really hits anybody!" BOOK YOUR BREAST SCREENING AT THE LINK BELOW

20:00 Tithi's message to fellow women - Awareness and acceptance are key!

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