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Get your gut microbiome tested today with BugSpeaks

(fem)Tech Forerunners Ep. 3 with Kumar Sankaran of Bug Speaks (Leucine Rich Bio)

In this episode, Gayatri Muthukishnan spoke to Kumar Sankaran, CEO of Leucine Rich Bio Pvt. Ltd., a company that has developed South Asia's first microbiome diagnostic tool, BugSpeaks, and Rychbiome - a synbiotic (pre+probiotic) based on India's microbiome data.

From this talk find out more about why the gut microbiome is important, what you can learn from the test, how you can benefit from it, and also about the specialized probiotic, Indus by Rychbiome, developed based on Indian microbiome data.

0:00 Trailer

01:08 Intro

02:14 What is the gut microbiome?

03:09 Why did you decide to work on the gut microbiome?

04:42 What is the BugSpeaks product?

05:53 Are they other gut microbiome tests in India?

07:18 Who should get this test done?

08:30 What do the test results tell you?

09:58 Is there a difference between male and female gut microbiome?

10:59 What is Rychbiome?

12:12 Tips on taking care of your gut

14:45 What's next for Leucine Rich Bio?

In the series "FemTech forerunners" we speak to pioneering men and women in the FemTech field. FemTech is defined as software, diagnostics, products, and services aimed at bettering women's lives. While this product is not specifically for women, it is equally important that women use the tool to better their health.


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