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A Woman's Guide to Midlife Health

Take control of your midlife health with Miyara!

Our team of scientists and experts will guide you through the rollercoaster of symptoms during perimenopause with science-backed solutions.

Embrace the new chapter of your life today!

Are you an employer? Then click here. 

Simple steps to healthier midlife

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1. Fill out the Health Assessment Form or Contact us.

2. Based on the assessment, book a consultation call with the relevant healthcare experts. 

3. If recommended, onboard onto a 5-week or 12-week customized wellness plan or avail  other interventions

4. Receive constant support from our expert team including health coaches and experts.

Why Miyara?

Empathetic approach

Women in this lifestage have to do deal with home, social and work pressures apart from the hormonal changes. We understand and hear you.


We understand that women in their midlife have a lot of commitments. Miyara  programs are made to be flexible in your schedule.

Scientific design

Changing habits is not easy and we understand that. Apart from nutrition, fitness and mental health plans being scientific, the program works with behavioural science.

Continuous support

Our  health coaches and experts are available on an on-going basis to guide you through the program. 

Personalized to you

Women in menopause transition can experience 34+ different symptoms due to hormonal changes, and can have chronic conditions. Hence we tailor the program to you.

Value for Money

This is truly cost effective since the program is highly personalized with continuous monitoring and yet affordable.

Here's what Miyara offers


Learn about your midlife health based on symptoms you may have, or through our newsletterblogs, webinars and by using our resources. Contact us for an awareness session in your community.

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Each woman experiences midlife differently. We customize programs according to your health needs. We bring together nutrition, fitness, mental health, and much empathy as we walk with you toward better living.


Women at work silently suffer through menopause or, worse, leave because they feel unsupported.

We work with corporates to support their organization through awareness and sensitization about menopause transition, and workshops for women employees. 


Join a group of women for psycho-social support, especially at this life stage. There is nothing better than women empowering women.

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